Man Tries to Escape From Courtroom by Jumping Off of Balcony

A man in Utah jumped off a second floor courthouse balcony after running from a courtroom Wednesday.

Officials say 35-year-old Christopher Clay Rudd was making an appearance for violating the terms of a court mandated drug treatment program. At one point, he abruptly got up and ran out.

He then jumped over a railing and crashed to the floor near the entrance, where officers were waiting.

Rudd prepared himself and tucked before throwing himself over the balcony of the second-floor level. It was possibly an attempt to get downstairs quicker before courtroom officers could catch him. However, he didn’t think things through since, like any government building, the place was crawling with officers.

As he fell, a lower level camera picked him up while the front door security officers attempted to catch him mid-air to break his fall. Two officers covered Rudd before he even hit the ground.

Thanks to his failed escape, the unsuccessful culprit was hospitalized with a broken leg, pelvis, and fractured skull. Along with that, he is facing more jail time.

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