Hispanic Internet sensation Shot 15 Times after Mocking CJNG Cartel Leader

Mexican social media star Juan Luis Lagunas Rosales aka El Pirata de Culiacan is reportedly dead after a shooting outside a bar in his homeland.According to the Facebook page for Guardia Nocturna, Rosales was shot dead outside of a bar in Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico.El Diario reports that Rosales that 15 shots were fired during the attack which occurred outside of a bar named Menta2 Cantaros.

According to his social media post, Rosales was an acholic and dreamed of one day of becoming a singer. His social media fame began when a video of him devouring a bottle of vodka and falling over went viral.At the time of his death, Rosales had over 260,000 followers on Instagram and nearly 1 million likes on Facebook.

In the weeks leading up to his death, Rosales had made a video in which he made fun of the Jalisco Cartel Nueva Generacion leader, El Mencho aka Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, reports say.

The reporter indicates that it was a direct attack on him since he received 15 bullet impacts. According to local police, about four unknown persons arrived with rifles and went to the table where Lagunas Rosales was sitting. Authorities have not said if this video is being directly linked to the shooting.



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