Cuban Missile Crisis Pt. 2

Cuba, a country in the Caribbean that seems to be lost in time due to President John F. Kennedy’s embargo upon it. The country of Cuba has not been allowed to trade freely for the rest of the world leaving it isolated. That is until President Barrack Obama lifted the embargo from Cuba and started working on a positive relationship with Cuba, a country so close to the USA.

Then President Donald Trump took office and started putting pressure on Cuba destroying the new relations made by Obama. Northen Korean Dictator Kim Jon Un has been seen meeting with Cuba’s foreign minister, Bruno Rodriquez, in Havana Cuba discussing an “Anti-American” agenda.

This may become a repeat of the Cuban Missile Crisis as nuclear tensions around the world increase. For those that don’t know about the Cuban Missile Crisis, it was a large part of the Cold War, which occurred after World War II and wasn’t really a war. The Cold War was more of a stand off between the USA and the Soviet Union where each country decided to stroke their own ego by showing off the weapons they had. Then Nikita Khrushchev of the Soviet Union forged an alliance with Fidel Castro of Cuba allowing the placement of Nukes in Cuba threatening the US. Also, Castro was a communist in the US’s backyard therefore causing the US to enforce an embargo on Cuba.

You know how history always repeats itself? So, will Cuba be used as a harboring point for nuclear weaponry against the US again? Only time will tell.

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